Equality & diversity

Activity: Developing an Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy and Procedures

This activity helps small organisations without staff to develop and implement a simple Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy and procedures.  It includes a brief explanation of equality and diversity and the differences between them:

Equality and Human Rights Commission

A good starting point for smaller charities and voluntary organisations is the EHRC booklet ‘What equality law means for your voluntary and community sector organisation’.  This is available from the ‘ Guidanc’ section of the EHRC website www.equalityhumanrights.com .

The website also provides many other publications, including in-depth ones, and offers video introductions, podcasts and reports.

The Government Equalities Office

The Government Equalities Office has a range of quick start guides on its website including one for the Equality Act 2010 called ‘Voluntary and Community Sector: Summary Guide for Service Providers