Useful resources

Before you start

These resources have been provided for organisations that may need extra help or information to use the Code.  They have been written with smaller organisations in mind, but any organisation can use them.

We have provided these resources to help organisations get started with reviewing their governance.  We encourage organisations to interpret and apply the Code’s principles and good practice suggestions to their own circumstances.  Taking a ‘tick box’ approach will not help you to get governance arrangements that really meet your organisation’s needs.

We have included general resources that are relevant to all aspects of good governance, and resources for each Code principle.  There are also linked activities and information that help to explain the principle and how to apply it.

You may find it easier to dip in and look at particular topics, rather than try to read through everything.  Using the Code should help you to identify any areas where you need to find out more.

Caution – These resources are for reference only.  You should not rely on them instead of taking proper advice when you need to.  This is particularly true for matters such as employment or equality, where the law changes frequently and the consequences of getting it wrong can be significant.